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Become a Private Mortgage Lender

Earn 6 figures originating loans for real estate investors

Learn to close private real estate loans.
It's an exciting career that offers: 

  • Unlimited earning potential

  • Work from home & set your own schedule

  • No degree or license needed

  • Large deal commissions

  • Repeat relationship business

  • Supported and trained by experienced LYNK Capital bankers

Every day 3,000 homes are purchased by real estate investors in the US, and 4,000 new homes are completed.

Investing in real estate yields amazing returns, offers tax advantages, and can thrive through any market.

LYNK Capital invests in people and properties to help you reach your wealth potential with real estate.

Learn about amazing loans for investors and how to make money selling them as a loan originator or banker!

Earn Income Selling Loans to Investors

LYNK Capital is Growing!

Looking for an opportunity to make great money?


We train people to become successful mortgage brokers with our program and support. Earn up to a six figure income with this remote, full-time or part-time career opportunity!

Fund Your Real Estate Investments

LYNK Capital is Lending!

Are you a real estate developer or investor?


We offer simple loans with great terms for investors to capitalize on real estate investment opportunities. Flipping, renting, bridging, building -- access funding for real estate!

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Sixth Development Loan

"Now that we've found LYNK Capital to fund our development projects, we can focus on building, selling, and growing our real estate business!"

- Tania Lopez-Schneider

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Making Sales Every Week

"I needed a way to increase my income as a real estate agent. Now I make twice as much in my part-time, and I am learning about real estate investing."

- Derek Johnson

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Fastest Flip Funders

"Before working with LYNK Capital, our growth was capped by our funds. Now we can do 2-3x jobs, without a headache. LYNK Capital is quick!"

- Todd Miller

Learn Why Private Mortgage Lending is Such a Great Career in 2022  

Learn how to get involved in the booming industry of real estate lending and investing!