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Growth, Development and Support

We believe that education and empowerment is essential to build financial stability and freedom in your life.

Most people work so hard but struggle to break free from financial worry, and stress of feeling trapped in a punishing  job. 

Our mission at LYNK Capital is to give you a way forward that blows through limits you have on your ability to earn more.

We believe in providing powerful earning and learning opportunities regardless of your education or background. 

LYNK Capital trains and develops mortgage loan originators, to help real estate investors grow their businesses.

We know the importance of quickly closing, flexible, affordable loans for investment projects.

So we arm loan originators with incredible investor loans to offer, backed up by a stellar team and support system.

Founded on Mortgage Expertise

LYNK Capital was created to provide a better experience for real estate investors and developers – one founded on decades of experience in real estate lending and investments.

We have decades of experience in this business, with members of our team having either owned or held senior positions in numerous mortgage companies, banks, title companies, and other real estate businesses. We’ve also been property investors ourselves, and understand the importance of receiving fast, knowledgeable service from a lender.

Immediately prior to founding LYNK Capital, the management team operated the mortgage lending division of a mid-sized bank that consistently closed over $1.0b of loans per year. This experience has given us a firm understanding of the needs of our borrowers and investors – and has also shown us how the increasing regulatory burdens placed on banks prevents them from meeting these needs.

And, it's allowed the team to create a path for others to follow - providing a valuable service to real estate investors through private mortgage lending. 

"Mortgage lending allowed me to grow without a ceiling. I didn’t know that feeling before, where you can see over the horizon of your own limitations."  - Ben Lyons,  Co-Founder of LYNK Capital 

You are the Best Investment we can Make

LYNK Capital was created to help you learn the mortgage lending and real estate industry, and to provide you with an income strategy that is flexible, remote, requires no license or degree, and has tremendous room for personal growth. 

Through your learning experience in the Mortgage Lending Training Accelerator, we’ll teach you a lot more than just mortgage lending. You'll also learn about building wealth, personal finance, sales skills, and professional development.


What really sets us apart from other lenders is our partnership with Money Club – a financial education program that helps people build financial freedom through personal finance, wealth building, and real estate coaching and courses. 


Business Team

Experienced Lenders Make It Easy For Investors

We know how to close a loan. 


Between the founders and advisory board, we have over 100 years of combined experience as mortgage bankers, capital fund managers, real estate investors, and related businesses. 


We truly understand the importance of getting fast, knowledgeable service from a lender. 

We are a leader in private lending, with decades of combined experience with private lending, real estate and construction. LYNK manages over $219M in assets and is proud to offer best in class loan products. 

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We are looking for hard-working and honest individuals who want to earn income with a great team. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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