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Your Earning Potential with Remote Private Mortgage Jobs

Earn Income from Full or Part-Time Mortgage Jobs from Home

High Paying Remote Full and Part-time Positions

Are you a real estate agent, blogger, broker, or sales professional who is looking for a great way to earn commissions?

Perhaps you are just a hard-working, honest people-person, who is eager to learn how to generate more income.

Start as a private mortgage banker without any experience.

Join this program to earn a commission each time an investor or developer you send to us closes a new loan. Apply now!


Work for Your Life Balance

  • Work Remotely, from anywhere in USA

  • Work on your schedule, on your time

  • No minimums, no time off restrictions

  • No license or degree required

High Earning

Earn a Six-Figure Income!

  • Earn commissions on each loan

  • Full-time earners make $100-250k+

  • Bonus income for growing your team


Positive + Empowering Culture

  • Trainings on sales and real estate

  • Education, coaching, and support

  • Networking events to meet people

  • Personal finance development

Build Your Wealth with Private Mortgage Banker Jobs

Here at LYNK Capital, we believe that financial education and empowerment is essential to helping people build financial stability and freedom within their lives. 


Our Mortgage Training Accelerator is a remote sales and mortgage lending training program designed to successfully onboard you into a part or full time commission-based position selling and/or originating private mortgages for real estate investors and developers. 

If you’re looking for a fast, flexible, and high-potential earning  opportunity to break free from financial stress or a punishing job, then read on and apply here


We’ll teach you how to build a career in mortgage lending and real estate that can realistically earn you up to $500k in 2-3 years, and $100k in your first year. 


Flexible Opportunity:

  • No college degree required

  • No license required 

  • Fully remote

  • Part or full-time

  • Create your own schedule

  • In-depth sales, origination, and personal finance training 

  • Unlimited room for growth

Character & Experience Required:

Who are you, and what motivates you? If you are this type of person, you will love this work and excel:

  • You have a passion for sales and support, and have demonstrated that successfully through past experience

  • You have an innate, customer-centric mentality and understand the importance of asking the right questions, identifying pain-points, and creating long-lasting relationships

  • You’re an expert at talking to people, and demonstrate both strong verbal and written communication skills

  • You view obstacles as opportunities to become better, exhibiting a growth mindset

  • You are driven by high-performance and enjoy seeing financial reward for your hard work

  • Numbers don’t intimidate you and you’re able to analyze and comprehend complex financial data

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Benefits of working with LYNK Capital

  • Positive, empowering, supportive work culture!

  • Grow as a mortgage professional and entrepreneur. 

  • Assignment of a Coach and Mentor, to provide support throughout the first year at LYNK Capital.

  • Develop essential business, sales, and personal finance skills as you grow from promotional into managerial responsibilities, all on your own terms.

  • Learn in a variety of settings from hands-on training to department rotations and team building.

  • Network with and learn from company leaders.

  • Socialize, connect with, and learn from others on the team through education and networking events.

Learn about Real Estate while You Earn

Here’s how it works


Participants can choose to be a Mortgage Broker who refers loans for commissions, or you can earn twice that commission as a Mortgage Banker, responsible for walking the client through the full loan origination process.

Assuming you do not already have extensive experience originating loans, you’ll begin by participating in a comprehensive mortgage training program that will teach you how to sell and originate private mortgages.


The remote training is a combination of self-paced online courses and weekly group coaching calls to provide you with guidance, motivation and support to:

  • Close loans quickly & efficiently  

  • Build strong repeat relationships with borrowers 

  • Grow your network & generate more leads 

  • Organize your personal finances 

  • Create a personal wealth plan​

Key Speaker

Join us to Learn about our Earning Opportunities

Join us for a free online workshop to learn how to get into the booming industry of real estate lending and investing.

We will cover various ways to fund real estate, loans from Realize Capital, and our incredible full and part-time earning opportunities to provide investors loan options.

Your Professional Development Path

Step 1 - Mortgage Lending Training

The first step (unless you are already trained in originating loans) is to complete the Mortgage Lending Training Course.


This is a 6 hour self-paced video course that will teach you how to grow your business and begin originating loans.

Upon completing the course, passing a simple assessment exam, and passing a background check, you’ll join the Realize Capital team as a Mortgage Concierge and begin your new career path!

Step 2 - Begin Developing Your Pipeline

As a Mortgage Banker in training, you will earn income for any leads you generate through marketing and networking. 


Mortgage Banker responsibilities include:

  • Marketing and networking to potential borrowers through your preferred mediums of outreach and engagement 

  • Engaging with prospective customers via text, email and phone to build trust by guiding them through a smooth loan application process 

  • Generating new and repeat sales by providing product information and outstanding customer service 

  • Educating customers about features and benefits of products and making recommendations as appropriate in order to improve customer satisfaction

  • Presenting price, credit and terms in accordance with company standard and regulatory requirements

Step 3 - Become a Private Mortgage Banker

As a Private Mortgage Banker, your potential for earning and personal development really begins to flourish.

You will gain enhanced training, group and coaching support, additional responsibilities, and significantly increased earning power by walking the customer through the full origination process.

Benefits of becoming a Private Mortgage Banker:


  • Earn twice as much on loan commissions

  • Shadow experienced Bankers to learn how to originate loans independently

  • Develop the ability and skills to recruit and support new team members, increasing your earning potential as a result 


As a Private Mortgage Banker, your responsibilities will include:

  • Follow up on leads that have shown interest in closing loans with Realize but have yet to commit to move forward

  • Take loan applications for renovation and construction projects over the phone and via e-mail

  • Negotiate terms with borrowers and obtain the necessary information and documents needed to close loans

  • Meet or exceed daily call quotas and monthly production quotas

  • Provide a first-class customer service experience for our borrowers

From here, the sky's the limit on your earning and growth potential. As your experience and production grows, your responsibilities move from originating loans to managing bankers, all the while growing repeat business with your foundations of contacts, easily earning you $15k a month or more! 

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"Now that we've found Realize Capital to fund our development projects, we can focus on building, selling, and growing our real estate business!"

- Tracy Hochalter

Crushing It

"I needed a way to increase my income as a real estate agent. Now I make twice as much in my part-time, and I am learning about real estate investing."

- Vince Claudio

Dream Work from Home

"Before working with Realize Capital, our growth was capped by our funds. Now we can do 2-3x jobs, without a headache. Realize Capital is quick!"

- Whitney Manansala

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